We aim to be a company that continues to grow with our customers.

Through the selling and processing of film and other materials,
Tokyo Film Service is a group that listens to the needs of customers and proposes the most ideal solutions.
By putting the customer first and contributing to their development, we aim to be a company that appreciates and makes our customers happy.

In addition, in the process of growing together with our customers,
Tokyo Film Service itself has grown, achieving higher processing quality and paving the way for new processing technologies.

OUR SERVICE With reliable assurance and advanced processing technology,
We deliver the best film for our customers



Tokyo Film Service’s Strengths

At Tokyo Film Service through total management, we deliver customer satisfaction from material selection to processing technology to product development

Product proposals that meet customer needs

Thorough quality control

Reliable processing technology and thorough quality control

Factory Information

Sagamihara Factory (ISO 9001 certified factory)
Environmentally Friendly Cleanroom Factory

Our Sagamihara Factory was completed in November 2009 in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. There are 6 class 1000 cleanrooms and 2 class 10000 packing rooms. In them, we have 10 slitting machines, 4 sheet cutting machines, 1 supercutting machine, 2 laminator machines, 2 laminating-slitting machines, and 2 micro-slitting machines, and 2 backslitting machines. We also have a warehouse (temperature controllable) for storing materials, so please leave everything up to us.

Product Use Examples


Screen protector film

FPC film

IC Cards

Cover film

White PET film

Home Applicances

Insulation film

Membrane switch


Anti-reflective film

Touch panel film

Anti-scratch protection film

Manufacturing Factory

Protective film

Adhesive Sticker Products

Peeling film
Tack film
Laminating film

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