Our Factory

Sagamihara Factory

Our production factory is located in SagamiharaCity, Kanagawa Prefecture.
We always maintain a clean environment anddeliver reliable quality to our customers.

Processing Technology


Maximum width for base material:1750 mm
Number of slitting machines:10
We support slits in various sizes as requested by customers.

Sheet Cutting

Maximum width for base material:1450 mm
Maximum cut size: 1450mm x 2000mm
Number of sheet cutting machines: 5
Number of cutting machines: 2
Number of supercutting machines: 1


Maximum width for base material:1550 mm
Specifications: Single-sided/double-sided compatible, normal temperature/high temperature compatible
Number of laminating machines:2
Number of laminating-slitting machines:2


Maximum width for base material: 600 mm
Minimum product width: 3 mm
Number of microsliting machines: 2 (possible from core widths of 1 inch and above)


Maximum width for base material: 350 mm
Back slitting machine: 2 units
A machine that makes cuts in the separator of adhesive film.


Equipped With a Cleanroom (Class 1000)

Processing/packaging room: Class 1000
Packing room: Class 10000
We always maintain a clean environment and deliver reliable quality.

Air Shower

All the conductors that enter the clean room are equipped with air showers.
Class 10000 ⇒ We always go through the air shower when entering class 1000.
It also removes even the slightest stains on materials and clean clothes.

Temperature and Humidity Control

We always keep and manage the temperature and humidity for the proper storage of materials at an appropriate level, so as not to cause the quality to deteriorate.


We consistently set inspection points from quality inspection of raw materials to dimensional inspection at the time of processing to packaging inspection at the time of shipment.

Product Management

We manage barcodes consistently from order, raw materials, processing instructions, shipping instructions, and product lots.
Any information can be traced from your order number or the product lot number on our label.

Sheet Cutting

About Logistics

We have a warehouse that can store more than 1000 base materials.
We always stock various types of base materials so that we can immediately respond to customer requests.
We are devising a flow without waste from manufacturing to shipping.